Hand painted Mandala T shirt 5

T Shirt – Mandala art

T Shirt hand painted with Mandala art Mandala art has the dept to accommodate the array of colors. The mix and match of contrasting color in a symmetric  repetitive pattern is a pure visual treat.  This patch of art on a white round collared premium quality T shirt is like a oasis in the desert. 

T shirt – Ornamental Indian Elephant

Black elephant motif stands out in the white T shirt.  I used bright multi-colors as embellishment to the black elephants head. This motif has Indian flavor. Indian elephants are majestic animals, the sheer size subdues the other species of the earth. Elephants have always caught the attention of the onlookers, but it’s so sad just

Hand painted unity T shirt in proccess

T shirt themed ‘Unity’ Hand painted

This hand painted T shirt is just but a simple image to depict ‘Unity’.  Five human elements joined together for a purpose. This to denote ones in a family, a company or even a prayer fellowship.  Unity is strength. All bright colors are used for the image to stand out.  The images are given highlights

T shirt eagles wings for shilo church

T Shirt Eagle’s wings – Music Band Shilo Church

After much contemplation I came up with this  custom made T shirt design  for the Music Band of Shilo Church, Adambakkam. The Eagle’s Wings as a logo for  T Shirt talks a million about the Eagle’s characteristic.  First, God is compared to Eagle.  Eagle may look ferocious and fierce.  Underneath this appearance there is that