About Me

Hello,  I am Sylvia Charles and Welcome to my corner of the internet.

Ever since I could remember I have always been interested in expressing myself through words and pictures.

I chose to go into a field that makes use of my talent in words. My chosen profession of a Marketing Communicator with a media planning and buying background pays the bills. www.ebrandingads.com My art which I considered more of a hobby has pleasantly surprised me by unexpectedly becoming a source of income.

I combine my passions with my expertise and professionalism honed in various challenging environments. I invite you to have a look around and get in touch with me.


My Other Services

Painting on fabric

One of the unique services provided is I consult with you to bring your design alive on the fabric or canvas of your choice to create a design that is very personal and one of a kind www.sylviacharles.com

Writing content for website and Blog article writing

Any engaging content be it for marketing collateral or for any online activity send in your brief for a SEO optimized content www.ebrandingads.com


Media and advertising consultant services based on my  years of professional experience offered with a personal touch to suit your unique needs www.ebrandingads.com