Fabric painting

Fabric painting with abstract design with array of colours

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Fabric painting-Sale

Vector Chrysanthemum abstract design on a synthetic fabric.

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Painting on canvas

Koala bear on a tree in a natural ambiance. Oil painting on a canvas

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Why Hand painting...


“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” – Chuck Klosterman

Every where I see goods are produced in masses for the consumption of the multitude and there is nothing wrong about it.  Although somewhere down the line, people long for an identity or an exclusivity. Therefore more and more people are embracing products that are hand made, be it a craft or a painting.  It may be in small quantity but it has a human touch. Yes…, every blemish has a story to tell and it compliments the art.

 Every piece of art is created with love, delight and happiness. I take pride in whatever I paint, because it reflects a part of me in it.  Who every chooses to buy also see a part of him/her in it, be it the colour, the expression or the object itself.

Last but not the least no two hand painted art work never looks the same, every stroke is a master piece and its unique and exclusive by itself.

Check our New Arrivals

This Eagle T shirt  was painted  with streaks of grey  pearly hue. The deep orange beak  gives a  contrasting effect to the image.  The  expressive eyes of the eagle was made to stands out from ordinary.  This eagle T shirt will be a wearers delight.  

Bright motif of Indian Elephant hand painted.  The T Shirt has all the essence of Indian ness.  The elephant embellished with bright colors on Black backdrop

on a white round collared T shirt. This fabric painted T shirt is elegant and will be cool T shirt for Men of all ages

Hand painted Mandala T shirt 1

Mandala - T shirt

Red flowers painted on a synthetic kurthi material embellished with silver streaks and green leaves.  The bright yellow fabric compliments the art by making it to stand out. The colour contrast give this wearable an extra edge to ones attire.

Abstract painting on Kurtha

Women’s image captured in a  multicolored patch adorns kurtha below the neck and on the sleeves to sever as a visual candy

Abstract painting on kurthi

Zodiac signs on a shirt

Zodiac Signs on the shirt pocket with cute pink Scorpio sign and on the back of the shirt is Libra. Zodiac signs are natural choice for any customization 

Lady birds hand painted on Kurtha

Lady Bird painted on the mustard colour Kurthi looks so life like and the one which is about to fly is a rage amoung youngsters

Other Hand Painted Collections

Painting  done one various formats of fabric and on various medium